How pretty are these photos of the Noa from Enea? Very Wes Anderson...

Noa Enea

The new Noa press shots are making us feel all nostalgic.  Anyone fancy an ice cream?

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The Noa collection is part of a contemporary version of the classic Bistro chair. It is made of lightweight and robust materials that allow and facilitate its stackability, manageability and resistance. Its modern design and friendly lines make it an iconic object and the variety of its finishes allows to be adaptable to all kinds of domestic or hospitality spaces

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Noa Enea

How pretty are these photos of the Noa from Enea? Very Wes Anderson...

The new Noa press shots are making us feel all nostalgic.  Anyone fancy an ice cream?

Capdell Atoll Pouf

Capdell 2020 Update

'Every Capdell collection is the result of a collaboration with artists and architects from around the world, creating creativity, innovation and functionality.'

Reflecting this philosophy, Capdell have developed three new products for 2020, plus an aluminium swivel base for their iconic Moon collection.

Pedrali Tribeca

Tribeca selected for the ADI Design Index

Pedrali's Tribeca outdoor collection has been selected for the ADI Design Index, a recognition for quality design in Italy. 

Rose Chair

New Additions to the Rose Collection

The Rose collection from Montbel is already a firm favourite with us, the stool and the dining chairs and armchairs are popular pieces, especially with the choices available for the legs, fabrics and upholstering. 

Manuel Larraga

Manuel Larraga are back with a bang after their Summer break

It seems Manuel Larraga have been busy over their Summer break, launching new pieces as soon as they reopen their factory in Zaragoza, Spain

Costura Sofa

Costura is a System Sofa too!

The Costura collection has been a favourite of ours for a while and with new elements now added to the collection, Costura is a system sofa which you can create endless amounts of configurations for, perfect for any design you might have.

Just take a look at all the possible elements available...

Capdell Panel Chair

Design Guild Mark Awarded to Capdell Panel Chair.

It has now been officially confirmed that the Panel Chair from Capdell Design, designed by Lucy Kurrein for Capdell, has now been awarded the Design Guild Mark by the Furniture Makers.

SV Holland

Holland LOVES Stua and so do we!

Take a look at their most recent project installations, simply click the links to access the product displayed...

Outdoor Furniture

Get organised and ready for Summer now...

With Spring here and Easter just around the corner, there’s no time like the present to plan those Summer get togethers and hoping this year will just as hot as the last.



Iduna is a Portuguese company that designs and manufactures furniture for offices, libraries and public spaces.


Montis launch new designs at IMM Cologne 2019.

Working with existing designs and introducing some new ones, Montis extend their collection with more comfort and style. Take a look at some of the new pieces below.

Jennifer Newman

Jennifer Newman

Known for their bold and adaptable designs of contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture, Jennifer Newman is becoming increasingly popular for projects. Their bold colours and high quality pieces are now firm favourites for Architects & Designers when specifying projects.

Here are just a few stand out pieces for us –

Ethnicraft 2019 New Designs

New Year, New Designs from Ethnicraft

New for 2019, Ethnicraft have released new designs that broaden their collection with bolder geometrical designs.

Ethnicraft are experts in creating beautiful furniture with wood. Last year they launched the ‘Ancestors’ range which included hand crafted detail, inspired by archaic geometrical shapes and symbols found in cultures around the world. This year they are using geometry in a much more contemporary way with pieces like the Graphic Sideboard and the Oak Facette Dining Table.

Montbel Furniture


Montbel have been crafting carefully designed furniture from wood and upholstery in Manzano in Italy since the late 1950’s. Their experience and knowledge of the industry and the craftsmanship they practice, along with their complete in-house manufacturing process means they only create the best quality pieces for the international contract market.   

Here are a few select designs worth pinning to your Pinterest boards…


Akaba new additions 2018

Orgatec 2018 was a big show for Akaba, launching a range of new designs and additions to existing collections.

With office design looking more and more like hospitality interiors, Akaba have launched new designs that can be specified for both office or hospitality environments.


Ӧrsjӧ celebrates 70 years of innovation and design

What was originally founded to produce red house-paint and metal components and then components for the textile and glass industries, Ӧrsjӧ eventually began to develop a lighting range for the consumer market and worked to supply IKEA for many years. Now Ӧrsjӧ work with the best designers Scandinavia has to offer to supply the European contract and retail market with beautiful pieces, all made in Sweden.

Meet the Team - Gemma

Meet the Team - Gemma

Meet Gemma, she works on Luxury Brands and Hospitality Sales, working with her customers to find the perfect pieces for their schemes.

She tells us how she loves to find the perfect new piece and where she finds inspiration for herself and her customers.

La Pipe Collection - Friends & Founders

La Pipe Collection - Friends & Founders

Refined forms and strong silhouettes, hand craftsmanship and attention to detail, Friends and Founders bring you the La Pipe collection.

Pedrali 2018 new products

2018 New Products from Pedrali

Pedrali launched their 2018 new products at the 57th Salone del Mobile in Milan earlier this year. Now that they're in production, we thought we'd share some of our favourites with you.

Andreu World

Andreu World

Wood is at the core of Andreu World, it is what they built their company on, they believe that there is no other material as unique, warm and noble as wood.

newcollection Ancestor from Ethnicraft

Ethnicraft New Exclusive – ANCESTORS

Ethnicraft has been devoted to creating authentic, contemporary and timeless furniture from solid wood for 20 years. Launched earlier this year at Salone del Mobile, the new Ancestors collection celebrates Ethnicrafts origins with timeless designs, minimalistic silhouettes and distinct character.

AXYL by Allermuir X Layer

New Reddot Winning Collaboration - AXYL by Allermuir

Axyl is the result of Allermuir’s first collaboration with London based designer Benjamin Hubert and his studio, Layer.

The collection is available in Chairs, Stools and Tables which are well priced and environmentally friendly.

Furniture from Montis

Montis - The Balance of Aesthetic And Comfort

Montis is a company established on the belief of designing modern furniture with superior seating comfort.

Here are four pieces of furniture from Montis which can embrace both your body and your mind.

Design Classic from Artifort

The Timeless Design Classic Furniture from Artifort

While the solid, unemotional, functional design of the 50s was defined by the war years, the 60s looked forward to the future. The motto of the design changed from “non experimental” to “everything is possible”. The design of the furniture turned from functional to innovation and decoration, this trend driven form the technological progress, economic recovery and more importantly a young, well-paid generation that longed for bold, bright and colourful.

Here are some 60’s classic furniture from Artifort which can take you and back to the vibrant age.

recycled furniture from Lammhults

Lammhults - Sustainable & Innovative with The Future in Mind

Lammhults is a Swedish company founded in 1945. A company that devotes itself to producing timeless designs and high-quality furniture, not only with less waste but also with recycled and re-used materials.

Here are two remarkable pieces of furniture from Lammhults.

Softline 2018 new release

Softline 2018 New Designs

Established in Denmark in 1979, Softline is still dedicated to making modern upholstered furniture in their own factory in Denmark.

Here’s some lovable 2018 new releases,launched in Milan at Salone del Mobile earlier this year.

 Laclasica Wooden Armchair, STUA

New Laclasica Wooden Armchair from STUA

The Laclasica from STUA is a wooden chair that combines traditional aesthetics of classical wood chairs and translates them into a pure & contemporary design.

Pedrali Buddy

The New Buddy from Pedrali

The Buddy collection has expanded, starting off as a range of poufs and coffee tables using the same frame, Pedrali have now launched the latest additions - the Buddy pouf with a back. The new addition means you can create the perfect seating system to fit your space and style.

Momentum Outdoor Furniture

Get your outdoor furniture in time for summer

Spring has definitely sprung and we can't get enough of the sunshine at the moment! Blue skies and longer evenings has us all excited for summer days. Alfresco dining, garden parties and barbeques are all we can think about, but wait… where will everyone sit?

Enea Ema 4L

Enea Ema 4L

A contemporary and minimalistic design from Lievore Altherr Molina, the Ema 4L is a stackable, light and functional chair, now also available with 4 legs (instead of the sled base) and with arms.

Zero Lighting

Zero Lighting

This dark weather makes us feel as if Winter is on the way, not Spring or Summer! Here are a few of our favourite pieces from Zero lighting to brighten up your day!



Mitab Furniture


Mitab’s design philosophy is based on simplicity and functionality, with the aim of creating beautiful designs that will last a lifetime. They work with young and curious designers who can bring something different to the table.

Set up in 1979 by Jan-Olaf Torstensson, Mitab is a Swedish company that is today run by Torstenssons two sons. A family run company with a passion for creating designs for the future.

Pedrali Fox Chair

Fox by Pedrali

Released at Salone del Mobile in Milan 2017, the Fox is an already popular collection. Fox is an elegant and comfortable design, its strong fibreglass reinforced polypropylene shell means it is built to last and is available with either wood or steel legs and a wooden curved back.


Our favourites from Billiani

Billiani is an Italian company who specialise in creating furniture with wood, although recently have introduced more metal in to the collection.

Stand Up to Work

Is Sit-Stand at work right for you?

The idea of sit-stand desks at work has been around for decades, the Scandinavians adopted it early on whilst us Brits took a little more convincing. With recent research of wellbeing in the workplace the sit stand trend has brought a flurry of new products to the market and there is an increase in demand by designers and end users.


Baux Acoustic Panels

Baux has fast become a favourite for us and our customers. The wood-wool acoustic comes in a range of colours, shapes and sizes and suitable for all types of environments.


Accento New Designs

Established in Italy in 1931, Accento specialise in working with wood to create contemporary and elegant furniture. 

Here’s a roundup of some of our favourites from their 2017 new releases.


Stua at Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Offices

Stua is well known for its contemporary and sleek designs, featured in world renowned buildings including the Guggenheim museum in New York, Google Head Offices and the Wien University in Vienna designed by the late Zaha Hadid.


New Pedrali samples have arrived at our showroom

We’ve had some new deliveries in to the showroom this week from Pedrali and we're excited to share some new design with you!

Akaba Kabi

Akaba extend the already popular Kabi collection

We’ve previously written about the new Kabi chair from Akaba, released in Spring 2017. A simple and comfortable design with a great price point to match and probably the most versatile new chair on the market.

Lord's Cricket Ground

J P Morgan Media Centre at Lord's Cricket Ground

Originally designed by David Miller at Future Systems architects in 1999, David Miller Architects were asked to work on the refurbishment of the J P Morgan Media Centre at the world famous Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Momentum Luxe

Our brand new Momentum Luxe site is now live!

We've been working hard to put together a new website dedicated to showing you all our luxury furniture and lighting in one place and we're excited to say that the site is now live!

Stahl House

Stua Inspiration Project: Stahl House

Unfortunately we didn't furnish this iconic piece of architecture, but we could have... all Stua pieces are available from Momentum.

Momentum Luxe

Coming soon... Momentum Luxe

We'll soon be launching a new website dedicated to showing you all our luxury brands all in one place. 

Akaba Kabi

The New Kabi Collection

Designed by Jorge Pensi, Kabi is the new chair collection from Akaba. 


Take a look at Nook

Nook is a new enclosure for working, meeting, eating and relaxing. A clever portable office that brings to life that quirky, odd space in your building.

Enea Coma Wood

Coma Wood

Designed by Josep Lluscà for Enea, the Coma Wood stool adds a Nordic feel as the new addition to the Coma collection.

Pedrali Dome

Dome by Pedrali

Designed by Oto Fioravanti, Dome is a collection of chairs that adds a contemporary twist to the bistro style chair with curved edges and back.

Enea Lottus

Best-selling Lottus Collection

If there were a chair for any occasion it would be Lottus. A bestseller with us, a favourite with designers and featured in dozens of projects including Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, Cheltenham Racecourse, and Urbanest Student Accommodation in London, the Lottus is really something to shout about.

B&B Italia celebrate 50 years

B&B Italia celebrate 50 years

In 1966, 50 years ago, Piero Ambrogio Busnelli a creative Italian entrepreneur began designing furniture, the company name B&B Italia. Now run by his sons and grandson, B&B Italia is a name famous worldwide in the industry for innovation, design and quality. B&B Italia is one of the leading manufacturers of contemporary designed furniture for contract and home use.


Unnia wins for excellence and innovation

The Unnia collection by Inclass wins two prizes for excellence and innovation awarded by the Design Guild Mark, which recognises the highest standard in the design of furniture by the finest designers working in Britain or British designers working abroad.

Lammhults Add

Unlimited possibilities for the active workspace

A new addition to the Add collection is the Add stool and Add chair on castors. The new additions go hand in hand for demand in offices for more freedom of flexibility and movement as well as hot desking and sit stand desks, perfect for the stop and go office environment.

Catifa 46

Catifa 46 New Edition

Originally designed in 2004, primarily for contract use, the Catifa 46 has now available in an updated range of colours including rose, petrol, yellow, ivory and smoke. Colours can be paired or contrasted on the base and seat shell and a seat pad is also an option.

Tonelli Design

Tavolante by Tonelli

We love the new Aged Oak finish on the Tavolante, the beautiful wood and glass table originally designed by Marco Gaudenzi in 2009. 


Fatboy, only the extraordinary

Fatboy did not disappoint with their latest additions to the collection, with some new standout lighting.

As ever they are well designed, clever and cost effective.



ARTBOOTH. is unique, there is nothing on the market that is as adaptable and as cost effective. 

       - Create a multifunctional space that acts as workspace, display space and partitioning.

       - Reconfigure the space according to requirements.

       - Create a bespoke solution

       - Reduce the resources needed to build display areas every year

String Works

String Works

With the increase in demand for String, the classic 1949 shelving system in the work environment, String Works is an exciting new collection allowing even more opportunities for the use of String in an office environment. 

First presented at cologne in 2015 and designed by architects Anna Von Schewen and Bjorn Dahlstron, String works aims to create a flexible and contemporary work environment as comfortable as your living room, suitable for both home and office. String Works was awarded the German Design Award 2016 for the Excellent Product Design category. 


New additions to Foscarini

There’s a lot to be excited about with the new additions to the Foscarini collection, some of which we already have in our showroom!

Work Chairs

Work chairs not task chairs

With the increase in popularity of the ‘work chair’ it begs the question, what’s the difference between a work chair and a task chair?


The flexibility & freedom of Freeflex

Senator has recently released a new task chair, Freeflex. As standard, the Freeflex comes with all you would usually expect as the ‘extras’ and so is great value for money. 

Majestic Collection

The Majestic Collection

Have a look at the new Majestic collection, inspired by decorative styles but brought up to date with new finishes of copper and silver and using soft velvets and leather, it has the making of a true classic collection. 

Stua Gas

Back to work with Stua

Having eagerly awaited the return of European manufactures after their Summer holidays, Stua is prepared for back to work armed with the beautifully designed Gas chair. 


Add some fun with Fatboy

At Momentum we are loving the new pieces in the Fatboy collection! Perfect Summer pieces, suitable for indoor/outdoor use and a great way to add some fun to your office & home. 

Andreu World

Momentum's favourites from Andreu World

Andreu World New Designs 2015 is full of new colours, textures, materials and innovative lounge seating, conference chairs, and meeting and occasional tables for corporate and contract environments as well as residential projects.

The new designs reinforce the great designs that Andreu World offer, with added variety on some items such as a choice of bases, finishes and sizes, an ever growing collection. 



Say hello to Dunas, a new collection of upholstered seating. 

Standing up to work

Standing up to work

The Scandinavians have been working at standing height for the past 30 years and, despite considerable evidence and advice from ergonomists, we have only just acknowledged that sitting still for long periods of time can damage our spines. Movement around the office is good for blood circulation and for our health. At last, following regular articles in the press working at standing height is now accepted and is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK. Indeed, standing meetings are commonplace, recently evidenced by Sir Richard Branson. 

Employers have a duty to provide the correct furniture for their employees for the benefit of their health. This should apply to schools and universities too. 

Camira Fabrics

New Additions to Camira Fabrics

Our Camira fabric samples have all been updated this week and we love the new additions, especially the Main Line Flax!



Moooi Zio Collection

Zio Collection by Marcel Wanders

The new Zio family designed by Marcel Wanders is an all-wood range full of clean lines, rounded silhouettes and of course elegance, available in oak stained cinnamon, oak stained white wash or a composition of both. 

Andreu World Showroom

Momentum in Valencia with Andreu World

After having had time to recover and recuperate from the Andreu World trip to Valencia two weeks ago, PJ and Cathy finally had a chance to tell us all about their visit and their favourite pieces of furniture from the trip. 

The '111' chair

The '111' chair

These amazing '111' chairs are a result of a partnership between Coca-Cola and American furniture production company Emeco. The '111' was motivated by the desire to keep recyclable bottles out of landfill and is an extremely eco friendly product.

Contardi Lighting

Luxury Lighting from Italy

Contardi is an Italian lighting manufacturer that has manufactured lighting for more than 30 years. The elegant designs and use of materials make for wonderful end products. The Contardi collection is a firm favourite with our Interior Designers and specifiers of Hotel & Leisure.


Andreu World's Bestseller - Brandy

Looking for a beautiful versatile chair for your project?

Available from Momentum, Brandy is a collection of comfortable and versatile armchairs and lounge chairs manufactured by Andreu World. 

Brandy comes with an upholstered seat, made of flexible foam, in fabric or leather. Available with a range of different base options of wood or metal. In wood these include four legs and four leg with rotating central base. In metal bases, four legs, sled and cantilever base, four star central return swivel base and a central base with five wheels.

Jill Family

Jill Family by Vitra

Looking for something a little bit different this year? 

In 2011 Alfredo Haberli developed the JILL product family, which pays tribute to the design of the classic Eames chair.


Volume by Lightyears

When this new lamp Volume was spotted at 100% Design back in September we were in awe, such a basic traditional idea being brought back into modern day design.  


Visiting the Brunner Showroom in London

PJ and Cathy had a great time visiting the Brunner showroom in Rosebery Avenue, London last week. Stunning furniture in an equally stunning showroom. Some of their favourites have to include the Torino XL flip top table, Fina conference chair, Ray chair and Twin the indoor and outdoor chair.  

Sancal Grafica Collection

Sancal The Gráfica Collection

The inspiration for the Gráfica Collection from Sancal comes from their love of illustration and graphic design and you can see it in all the pieces. 


Favourites from Lapalma's latest collection

Lapalma is known for it’s streamlined and elegant design, clever manufacturing techniques and it’s iconic pieces like the Lem bar stools, but some of the more recent additions to the collection are sure to be future classics. 

Stua Image Bank

The New Stua Image bank

The New Stua Image Bank allows you to search through all of Stua’s images in one place to find the right product, colour or project reference. Saving a lot of time and hassle, we love it!

Gan collection 2015

Gan 2015 The New Collection

The new Gan 2015 collection is here and it does not disappoint. The new catalogue is all about showing how the pieces can work in your home and in family life. Not only does it display the new collection, but also does so in such a remarkable way.

Bla Station Now

Bla Station - Now Collection

Bla Stations’ new brochure Now is all about he new things they’re doing, the places they are influencing and about the time we are living in.  We like Bla Station, they are brave and unique - creating timeless but orginal designs, and they are a really lovely company to work with!

Curiousa & Curiousa

Curiousa & Curiousa

Founded in 2010 by designer Esther Patterson, this British company has already gained a lot of industry acknowledgement in the form of nominations and awards from Elle Decoration and Dulux Colour Award 2014. 2015 is set to be a very exciting year for them!

Arper Collection 2014

Great new pieces from Arper 2014

In Milan this year Arper showed it's new products and they were some of the most exciting of the show.   All the products have been designed as a full collection so they are adaptable to most enironments, flexible and in true Arper style effortlessly chic.

Graphic and lightweight, Zinta is a modular sofa system with an abundance of smooth lines and warm materials. The range of lengths and gentle angles allow the sofa to fit elegantly into any space. The range of cushion options with their diverse colours and fillings means they can be tailored to any environment, whether it be home, office or public spaces. 

B&B Italia The Collection News 2014

B&B Italia showing us what they do best!

The Beverly ’14 is an absolute classic design with contemporary finished and wonderful detailing. Simple but beautiful, what more do you want?

Maxalto News 2014

Maxalto News 2014

The new collection from Maxalto has some fantastic additions that we can’t wait to shout about, including some new storage and sofas. 

Merry Christmas from Momentum

Our Christmas Treats

If you’re in the dark about your Christmas shopping and you’d like to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we’ve got a couple of ideas.  


Cane-line - Life Made Comfortable

Cane-line live, work and create through the ethos of Life Made Comfortable and we can 100% see why. 

Zero Lighting - New Pieces for 2014

Zero Lighting - New Pieces for 2014

There are some great new pieces in the 2014/2015 catalogue, as they say "the surprisingly unexpected, the unique".

E15 Lighting

New releases from E15 Lighting

E15 Lighting was one of our favourites from Salone Del Mobile in Milan earlier this year. Their great new brochure showcases their new ranges and we are big fans. They have great pieces in the form of pendant lights, wall lights, table lights and floor lights. Each range stands out and the entire collection looks fresh and fun.


Lammhults New Releases for 2014

Lammhults have an array of great new products for 2014, from stools and tables to easy chairs and magazine racks.  After showcasing new designs in Milan earlier in the year they are now available and we look forward to specifying them on new projects.


The New 'must have' brochures from Abstracta

Abstracta have launched two fabulous new brochures showcasing their innovative acoustic systems, wall panels and writing surfaces. With great images and detailed technical information these are 'must have' brochures for architects and designers.

Vescom Acoustic Fabric

Vescom Launch New Acoustic Fabric

In response to the demand for acoustics in light interiors Vesom have produced transparent, sound absorbent curtain fabrics. Developed and designed by Annette Douglas and produced by Vescom these fabrics are translucent, light, fire safe and sound absorbent which offers a combination that was previously unavailable in modern architecture.

Outdoor Lighting

Light The Way – Bringing Design Outdoors

Outdoor lighting is something that can make a huge impact on the design of exterior areas and helps to ensure that these spaces are used even when the sun has gone. More and more manufacturers are making outdoor collections and exterior lighting is getting cooler, bigger and more dramatic, and as the core materials are usually poly or silicone you get a lot of impact for relatively little money. The exterior lighting scheme can completely transform the look and feel of a space - so make the most of the outdoors and set the mood with an array of lighting choices.

 Montis – The perfect mix of style and comfort

Montis – The perfect mix of style and comfort

Montis are grabbing the attention of our designers and customers here at Momentum. The Dutch manufacturer has always been known for their key pieces with a strong emphasis on comfort but the new designs introduced over the last couple of years are original and stylish. Perfect for residential projects and contract projects alike we have listed some of our favourites.

The monochrome Malena Armchair from STUA

The monochrome Malena Armchair from STUA

The Malena Armchair from STUA has a new monochrome look for 2014 to join the others in the Stua collection Gas, Onda and Globus. The armchair designed by Jon Gasca in 1997 now comes with a black or white frame adding to the previous options of natural ash, grey stained ash or solid walnut. The simple clean lines of the frame combined with completely removable seat and back covers means the Malena can be used in many settings, and the new lacquered finishes really bring the chair up to date and shows off the unique shape.

ENEA Lottus range

ENEA extend the fantastic Lottus range

The Lottus collection from ENEA offers a wide range of options with a combination of finishes, styles and different models from easy chairs to barstools all in one collection. Lottus fits easily into public and private spaces from restaurants to offices or conference centres and residential dining room.

B&B Italia Grande Papilo

A selection of favourites from B&B Italia

B&B Italia is popular amongst interior designers and it’s easy to see why. Their high quality products and unique designs offer statement pieces that ooze design with no compromise on comfort.

Moooi's 2014 Unexpected welcome

Moooi's 2014 Unexpected welcome

Moooi’s new brochure 2014, The Unexpected Welcome has been a great hit with us at Momentum. It’s quickly become one of our favourites because it showcases Moooi’s originality and high quality design. Moooi take pride in producing timeless and original designs. With this unique and iconic mix of lighting, furniture and accessories, Moooi creates interior environments decorated with an inspiring variety of patterns and colours to enhance any kind of space.

Quinze and Milan

Quinze and Milan

Quinze and Milan try to set themselves aside from other furniture manufacturers and have been considered the pop stars of furniture design. The brighter the better - they are going for a loud and outrageous image which is represented by a large colour pallet of 30 colours from bright pink to lime green. Their carefree and fun designs are becoming popular among the contract market due to their stylish but highly durable products. They use a special foam and coating, QM Foam, on their products that gives an almost indescructable finish.

Porro's 5 Spaces brochure

Porro's 5 Spaces brochure

Porro’s brochure 5 Spaces is not only a hit with us at Momentum but with architects’ and interior designers too – for the first time you can see the entire collection in one product brochure. This 110 page catalogue showcases stylish and modern ways to utilise space while maintaining Porro’s unique company philosophy: Simplicity above all. Large life-style images make visualising the products in different settings easy, showing how products can be used in different areas. With a variety of colours and finishes from wood to block colour it’s the perfect tool for high-end residential projects.